Toddler beaten to death by mother’s abusive boyfriend while defending her

A 2 year old boy is getting set to buried after his mother’s abusive boyfriend beat him to death for trying to save his mother.

Jamil ‘JB’ Baskerville Jr. lost his life after he tried to defend his mother while she was arguing with her 24 year old boyfriend, Zachary Tricoche, during a fight about buying the wrong groceries.

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How it all happened

According to court documents, Jamil became upset and ‘intervened’ after Tricoche shoved his mom. Tricoche then turned his anger on the toddler by punching him so hard on the chest that he hit his head on the wall and fell to the ground.

When the child got up, Tricoche then allegedly told him to ‘put up his hands’ and fight like a grown man before fatally punching him a second time. JB hit his head on the wall again and fell to the ground causing severe injuries to his organs. He bled to death as his liver was crushed by the blows.

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Zachary Tricoche has been arraigned on charges of first degree murder and his bail set at $1 million.


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