Photos : Stupid prisoner shares photo of himself injecting steroids

A very daft British prisoner is currently chilling in solitary confinement after sharing photos of himself injecting steroids in his cell.

26 year old Heroin dealer, Wade Cox used an illegally-held phone to post the footage online from his cell. He taunted prison officials at HMP Risley, in Warrington, Cheshire, by also posting photos of himself eating a meal from a fastfood chain, flaunting a stash of mobile phones and boasting about his easy life behind bars.

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Cox filmed himself sticking a syringe containing the muscle builder, Infiniti into his backside.He also showed off a bag of multi-coloured pills believed to be used for the same purpose. He posted the photos on Snapchat.

When contacted for a statement on the incident,  a Prison Service spokesman said that the pictures where unacceptable. He also revealed that Cox has been placed in segregation, has been stripped of his privileges and will be moved to a more secure prison as a result of his actions.

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Foolish guy!







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