Photos : Safaricom employee arrested for ties with terror group, Al-shabaab

Abdallah Hajji Bare, the son of a high ranking Kenyan politician and an employee of tech giant, Safaricom, was arrested last week following his connections to terror group, Al-shabaab.

Officers of the Anti-Terror police unit picked up Bare at his Safaricom office  in Eastleigh on Saturday, November 5. Bare is a son of senior Mandera politician,  Mzee Haji Barre, who served in civic positions in Rhamu sub-county of Mandera, Kenya for years.

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The arrest sparked an outrage from his family members who maintain that Bare is an innocent, hardworking man.They believe its a case of mistaken identity and hope justice takes the right course.


ATPU at the safaricom office



bare and safaricom ceo, bob collymore


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