Photos : Man drives his car into 12000 litres of Coke to remove rust

A 73 year old man is making headlines today for reportedly driving his car into a 12000 liter pool of coke in a bid to save his vehicle from rust.

The pensioner who refused to be named, spent a whooping 7200 pounds on the fizzy drink and spent two days digging and filling a pit with the drink. He lined the pit with plastic sheets and poured 6000 bottles of Coca-cola into it. He then drove his old red Audi 80 car into the pool to remove rust from it.

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He drove the car a little too fast causing damage as the vehicle hit the other side of the pit.





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  • Dave S says:

    I paid £24 for 5 litres of 80% phosphoric acid, diluted it with water, and sploshed it on with a foam paint roller. Just as effective for a tiny fraction of the price.

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