Photo : Mother finds human thumb in Child’s noodles

What was meant to be a nice dinner experience turned out to be a nightmare after a mother discovered a human thumb in her child’s ramen.

Last month at an outlet of a popular ramen restaurant, Kourakuen ramen restaurant chain in Shizuoka Prefecture, the mom found the portion of a human finger in the ramen noodle soup her child had been eating.

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In rage, she alerted restaurant staff and headed to the city health center to file an official complaint.

Health officials confirmed that the woman’s discovery was indeed part of a human finger as it measured one-centimeter (0.4-inch) wide, 0.7 – 0.8 millimetre (0.3-inch) long and still had the fingernail attached. Upon investigation, it was discovered that a part-time staff unfortunately cut the top of her right hand’s thumb while slicing roasted pork.

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The restaurant was ordered to check for contamination and disinfect all cooking utensils.


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