N*ked man on motorbike leads police on high speed chase


A motorcyclist without any shred of clothing on led the Czech police on a high speed chase they won’t forget in a jiffy.

Officers were stunned to find a n*ked able bodied man on a powerbike blasting through the streets of Havirov. The 22 year old individual had the word ‘Police’ inscribed on his back with black paint.

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He was caught hiding behind a tree at a riverbank after his bike crashed into the back of a Ford Focus vehicle. He tested negative for drugs and alcohol leaving the police in wonder as to why he carried out the weird act. It is believed he carried out the stunt as a dare.

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He now faces two years in prison  for dangerous driving , not wearing a crash helmet, having no insurance or driving licence, and not having an official registration plate on the bike.



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