MMM news : 10 reasons ponzi scheme might not have crashed


Following an extensive investigation into the freezing of all accounts by the administrators of Ponzi scheme, MMM, certain features of the scheme , unknown to several users were discovered.

These feautures called ‘safety nets’ indicate that the scheme might no have crashed as widely reported. They are;

  1. Pause mode

This process is applied when the numbers of the people getting help is greater than the people help. The system will pause the GH transactions and allow more PH to come into the system for the duration of 2 and half months, then the system will now restart.

PH means provide help and the GH means get help

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2.  14 days defrost

The participants will not be able to withdraw their money until after 14 days when the payments have been confirmed. During this process, more PH would have come into the system therefore there would be pool of cash to pay the old participants.

3.  Extension of GH hours

this occur when there is a public holidays when the banks are not working therefore, there won’t be transaction and it may cause the problem to the system. The system will now extend the hours of the people who are getting help at that period to allow more People providing help into the system.

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4, Help seeking from neighboring country

When there are more GH than PH in a country, MMM will look into the other countries which are doing well and match them together, pending the time that the affected country will be OK.

6. No central account attached

MMM does not have a certain account that we are sending to. MMM doesn’t collect your money.

7. Peer to peer system

Participants pay directly to the bank account of the other participants seeking help

8. Guider’s efforts

Guiders are the heartbeat of MMM, guiders make sure each and everyone in MMM understand the Ideology of MMM and how it works.

9. PH match hours extension

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When the system finds out that there are more GH than PH, the system will extend the hour of old PH so that to hold down their order matches duration and during this period, the system will allow more new PH to come into the system to get it balanced.

10. Website upgrades and security

MMM spends million of dollars in taking care of their website to cub online fraud in MMM, such as scam and other Threats.


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