IG of Police says he has not gotten any report on IDP abuse in the North

The Inspector general of Police, Idris Ibrahim , stunned newsmen at Murtala Mohammed international airport in Lagos yesterday, when he said he had not gotten any report on sexual abuse on IDPs in the north.

It should be recalled that on November 2 the IG setup a Special Investigation Team in Abuja to investigate the alleged abuses in the IDPs camps.

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In Ibrahim’s words;

“On the alleged sexual abuses of Internally Displaced Persons in our camps, you know the police set up a committee to investigate that. So far, I have not been briefed. The essence of the committees is based on the report that the Human Rights Watch received about 43 cases of abuses.What we told them was to hand over these cases to us. And we should investigate and take the appropriate actions. But I have not yet been briefed by the committee.”

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