Ghanaian police to arrest citizens who don’t vote in upcoming presidential Elections


The upcoming presidential elections in Ghana is serious business and the Ghanaian police wants citizens of the country to know that.

In a statement released by Police Superintendent, Isaac Amekudzi of Agona Odobeng in the Asikuma Odobeng Brakwa District of the Central Region, Ghanaians who don’t vote in the presidential elections may be arrested. he added that voting was a constitutional provision enshrined in the country’s law books and people who have their names in the electoral register but don’t vote are committing a crime.

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In his words;

“Voting is all about democracy and also one’s civic responsibility to vote during election. So on the day of elections if you are seen loitering around and not voting as required, the police may be compelled to enforce the law by arresting you.All Ghanaians should all vote because of democracy rather than fighting and drinking excessively on the day”.

He stated that all bars and joints will be closed on Election day.

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“On my part, I will also make sure that all the ‘wee’ joints and akpeteshi bars will be shut down during the Election day”.


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