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Indian sisters who tried to blackmail Femi Otedola sent to prison (pics)

jyoti and kiran matharoo 3 - Indian sisters who tried to blackmail Femi Otedola sent to prison (pics)


Indian sisters who tried to blackmail Femi Otedola sent to prison (pics)

  • Sisters have been blackmailing Nigeria’s rich and famous for years until they met Femi Otedola

Two sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo have been remanded in prison custody for allegedly trying to blackmail billionaire, Femi Otedola. The sisters are also guilty of cyber-bullying and for running a notorious website called ‘naijagistlive’. The website was used by the sisters to accuse several high-ranking men like Shina peller, Femi Otedola, Musa Danjuma among many others, of cheating and patronizing prostitutes.

jyoti and kiran matharoo - Indian sisters who tried to blackmail Femi Otedola sent to prison (pics)

Investigations by Politics Nigeria reveal that the sisters who are high society prostitutes sought to blackmail Otedola by claiming to have evidence of him cheating on his wife. They demanded money in order not to go public with the details. This was their ‘modus operandi’. It was also discovered that the girls recorded conversations and s*x romps with their rich clients which comprise of politicians, club owners and businessmen. After the acts, they approach their victims through a third party, threatening them to pay thousands of dollars or risk the release of the recordings/pictures/videos online through their website ‘Naijagistlive’.

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undertaking1 700x963 - Indian sisters who tried to blackmail Femi Otedola sent to prison (pics)undertaking2 700x339 - Indian sisters who tried to blackmail Femi Otedola sent to prison (pics)

Luck has since ran out on them as they were arraigned at the Yaba Magistrate Court today, 23rd December . The case has been adjourned to January 26th 2017 and they would be remanded in prison from today.

Otedola has been praised by victims of the girls for going out of his way to track them down. Sources in the know say that he contacted detectives and plotted the arrest of the vixens thus putting an end to their vicious spell of dominance over high society.

Immediately after their arrest, the sisters made a confessional statement revealing that they are the ones behind the controversial website: “naijagistlive.” They also confessed that they have slept with over 100 men Nigerian men, all with deep pockets.

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More importantly, the sisters have issued a heartfelt apology to Otedola, urging him to forgive them for their plots to blackmail and extort him. Before meeting Otedola, the sisters had dealt ruthlessly with a lot of Nigerian billionaires. using their slanderous website to wreck many homes and destroy the reputation of many of their unsuspecting clients.

They failed to choose their enemy wisely as Otedola is known for his wits. It would be recalled that the Forte Oil boss was the one who exposed prominent lawmaker, Farouk Lawan, in an elaborate and very sordid bribery saga.

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undertaking3 700x963 - Indian sisters who tried to blackmail Femi Otedola sent to prison (pics)undertaking4 700x316 - Indian sisters who tried to blackmail Femi Otedola sent to prison (pics)

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Your country should make sure that they hang these two sluts/leeches.

Even if they go to jail and promise not to do this again, they will still do it again as they have no way to actually earn money. Their “job” was to be a couple of whores who sold themselves and then taped it to blackmail people. Where on earth will they get a job after that? Best Buy? Ikea?

Please make sure you keep them in your jails forever to rot away.


Keep them in jail we don’t need them in Canada. I hope the Canadian Government is not taking my hard earn money to help these nasty women get back to Canada. Life catches up with you and glad to see someone took action. They ruined people’s lives, blackmailed, cyber bullied and spread nasty rumors. Look them up there. I don’t need to pay for them to come back to Canada when they made Nigeria there home!


Witches. I used to service whores for free due to my massive undertaken. What is this world coming to, hein? Lock them up forever!

Bob Herr

The girls were trained to do this outside Canada. They are not typical Canadian citizens and do not have Canadian values. Keep them and do not let them return to Canada.

Bruce Borowski

oh yes these are typical canadian values, a lot of women here are aspiring parasites

One Canadian
The very disgusting FAKE Canadian posts here by JOHN, ZEE & BOB HERR. Your fake outrage sounds more illiterate American than classy Canadian. Proof: you declare guilt before the courts have had a chance to prove the case. You 3 are not believers of justice and freedom, but likely to be brainwashed by ISIS or some other cult. Nigeria will put these 2 women through their justice system and punish/jail them accordingly if found guilty of the crimes. The people of Nigeria are responding to this news with more dignity than the 3 aformentioned Canadians. Most of all, I would… Read more »
Canadian woman

Thank God there are still some people left with a brain.


Oh please..maybe these dirty ass Nigerian men shouldn’t have been cheating on their wives. That’s what they get for being dumb.

Otis Carter

Show no sympathy for these two women. They have destroyed the lives and homes of the men they dealt with. They are only sorry and apologetic because they were caught. They targeted men who were rich and exploited them. Once or twice is a mistake. These ladies wanted to get rich off the hard work of others. After they have served their time in Nigeria, please send them to other African countries to stand trial. HAPPY NEW YEAR LADIES. ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME.


Don’t send them back to Canada. Do what you want with them, or send them back to India. They are not Canadian.

Canadian woman

Some people here have clearly some issues.


This is the right punishment for them.let them enjoy their .ew home ‘


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