Photos : ISIS brutally executes prisoners with machine gun shots to the head

ISIS fighters executed two prisoners with machine gun shots to the head following suspicions of espionage. The sickening jihadists released a footage online detailing the executions recently.

The video shows the two prisoners in orange jumper suits being driven to a desert and shot from point blank range.This is coming after ISIS discovered that Iraqi and Kurdish forces were getting insider information in the battle to retake Mosul. Senior Kurdish commanders have even revealed how they had a top agent inside Baghdadi’s inner circle, a former al-Qaeda man who had decided to work for Kurdish intelligence.

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Reliable reports reveal that ISIS is deeply worried about fighters turning against them. the reports also reveal how ISIS leader, Baghdadi had become paranoid and dishevelled, ordering his men to kill anyone suspected of treachery among his followers.

Further inside information show that the terror group has been very brutal with spies. The group killed 58 suspected coup plotters by placing them in cages and drowning them.Anyone caught with SIM cards or in possession of any form of electronic communication is automatically sentenced to death.

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