Photos : 3 suicide bombers attempt to blow up Maiduguri courthouse

3 suicide bombers were successfully neutralized by the officers of the Nigerian police force after they stormed the federal High Court in Jidari Polo area of Maiduguri at 3.50 a.m this morning to wreak havoc.

Police reports reveal that mobile police personnel on guard duty opposite the court spotted three suspicious people (two females and a male) running towards their sandbags. The officers ordered them to stop for Identification. In the process, one of them, a femalw detonated the explosive strapped to her body, killing herself and one other male accomplice. The only surviving suicide bomber, a female was detained for further interrogation.

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Bomb disposal experts arrived at the scene and have since detonated the unexploded IED on the body of the deceased suicide bomber.

Photos below;





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