Photos/Video : Man gets mauled by large crocodile while trying to take Pictures

A Dane by the name of jimmy bonde is lucky to be alive after surviving a crocodile attack.

Bonde was on a road trip in west Australia when he spotted a 2.5 metre long crocodile in a shallow river.He decided to take a memorable photo as it had been over a year since he last saw one. He perched himself on a small hill beside the river bank and started taking pictures before trouble struck.

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In his words;

“I was on this little hill along the bank and I wanted to get a bit closer because it was dark and I wanted a good photo.Next thing I know I’m sliding down the bank and then I just toppled over and landed straight on top of the croc.He got a pretty good grip on me and shook me around a bit.There was just splashing and I could feel a bit of pain in my arm; it wasn’t that bad though, I was more shocked than anything.”

Jimmy managed to escape with deep lacerations and cuts in his arm. He recorded his injuries shown in the video below;

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