See photos of Horrible food given to Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram

Some Nigerian soldiers have lamented to the media on the horrible living conditions they are experiencing as they fight Boko Haram in the far north. The soldiers appealed to the president to come to their aid as they can’t bear the situation anymore.

Below are statements from the soldiers(who pleaded anonymity) and photographs of the terrible, rationed food they have to eat.

“Our Situation has only gone from bad to worst, things improved then went bad”

”The one sachet of cowbell choco they used to give us daily has been stopped for over six months.The food they cook and serve us here can’t sustain human life, poorly prepared supplied cold.When we are fighting Boko Haram food supply should not be our worry, they are failing us badly.

Soldiers have resorted to buying stoves and pots, I cook twice a day to sustain my life.We come back from 48hours mission tired & wait endlessly for food ration, we have to recook same.I Will send you pictures of our food as well as the cooking utensils of some of our colleagues.

We have codenamed our central food supply centre CHOP AND DIE You eat & sentenced to the toilet.Rotation system is corrupt, some in frontline 4 over 2yrs, if u know someone u spend few months.

Allowance was hurriedly paid last Friday after 3 months of owing us. Sept allowances is still being owned.Things are really getting bad. Some soldiers are deserting but the story is kept secret.

Ops allowance and RCA (Ration Cash Allowance) calculated per head for feeding battalions are dissapearing.RCA in particular has not come since Aug.Commanders are doing their best.

They’ve been borrowing on credit.Food merchants have stopped giving out food on credit as a result of millions of RCA being owed.”


According to one of the soldier, This is the size of loaf of bread two Soldiers are meant to share for lunch”


This is the ration of meat for 1day that each soldier fighting Boko Haram gets



The soldier said ”photo of tuwo supply for Sunday is surprisingly big. The soup is meant to be ogbono served cold”



” This photo is our “jollof rice” ration. It comes cold and taste like rice flavoured with palm oil”



”This is my ration of pure water. We are entitled to 4 a day but we end up with 2 a day begging locals”

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