Photos : Man discovers maggots in his bowl of Quaker oats after eating it half-way

It is always wise to look through your food before eating and a man had to learn this lesson the hard-way after discovering live maggots in his oats after consuming almost a bowl full.

Aaron Peters got the shock of his life after spotting the larva wriggling on his spoon. Peters said he ate a ‘good portion’ of the maggots before noticing them towards the end of his meal. He says he was almost finishing his Quaker Oats with water and frozen raspberries when he noticed some strange looking shapes in his food. He immediately searched through the raspberries and then the oats. In his words, ”The culprits were clearly identifiable alive and moving in the oats”.


Aaron and his girlfriend

Quaker Oats has released a statement on the issue. They wrote;

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‘The quality of our products is our top priority and we have robust processes in place which are continually monitored to ensure they meet the highest standards.We are currently investigating this complaint and can confirm that we have received no other complaints of this nature about the batch of Quaker Oats to which this complaint refers.’





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